All  our Jewels are made of Gold, Platinum or Silver using Sri Lankan Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds other Gemstones and Hand crafted by our experts & designed to perfection with true passion. We Never use lab grown or artificial gemstones  in any of  our products. 
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Many People are Nervous about purchasing Gems & Jewelry online. All the Gems and Jewelry sold at this online shopping site are issued with an Independent Gem & Jewel Certificate (IGJC) to provide Authenticity of the product you buy independently by a qualified professional Gemologist. We manufacture our Jewelry only using the highest quality of Natural Gemstones from the mines of Sri Lanka. As Policy we never use lab created or any other synthetic gemstones or diamonds in manufacturing our jewelry.


To be the best provider of Gems & Jewelry across geographical borders at reasonable prices trusted for quality and integrity by all our customers.

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