Our Competition

Why should a consumer pick Oz Gems vs any other online jewelry store?

The answer is very easy; here you are buying directly from the factory, bypassing the retailers and the middlemen, which directly translates into much lower prices.

Unlike the absolute majority of online retailers, at Oz Gems we are in fact jewelers and manufacturers.  That means that we design and produce all our products.  There are countless online jewelry stores which are designed and maintained by Information Technology professionals that do not actually manufacture any of the goods they sell.  As a result, consumers that purchase through them are in fact purchasing from a company that designed and maintains a site and uses middle men to contract out the actual jewelry-making.  This obviously adds to the cost of the items which is then passed on to the consumer as higher prices disguised as premiums for “exclusivity”.

This brings us to the next point.  Lower prices are great, but not when they mean poor quality.  At Oz Gems we also control the quality from the initiation phase through the whole production cycle to completion. We stand by our products and do not cut corners during manufacturing.  Our customers do not have to worry about the quality and workmanship of any of our items. The entire manufacturing process from start to finish is handled by our highly-skilled jewelers with at least 15-years of experience.

Besides, Oz Gems is a company based in Sri Lanka. It is well known that Sri Lanka has the best Gemstones in the world and the precious sapphires. We have direct access to the Gem mines in Sri Lanka and as result able to procure the finest and natural gemstones at the lowest price. Many Online and Jewelry outlets procure gems exported from Sri Lanka and therefore the cost of the gemstones is much higher and as result their cost of manufacture is much higher compared to us.  Eventually they sell at high prices.

Oz Gems is a family-run jewelry factory. As such, we have much lower overhead costs than most of our competitors. We do not have a large administrative staff that needs to be accounted for when pricing items.  We can be flexible with our orders as we do not have the bureaucracy to contend with.  As a result, our prices reflect lower total item costs which allow us to price very competitively.

Lastly, because we are actual designers and jewelers, we are able to handle a great range of custom orders.  We simply cannot put all of the possibilities and choices of products on our site as this would create a technological monster similar to our competition.  It would negatively affect out prices due to the cost of creating and maintaining the website alone.   If you are looking for something specific and do not see it on our website, contact us. We are confident that we will be able to make it and beat the price of any of our competitors.

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