Our Social Responsibility

The Sarana Trust is private Fund to support orphan Children and was founded by the Co Partner of OziGems, Mr. Faizan Ozman. We are taking our steps towards earmarking a part of our income for carrying out the social responsibilities. We believe that social responsibility is not just a corporate obligation that has to be carried out but it is one’s dharma and responsibility. Therefore, we believe our philanthropic endeavors would be a reflection of our spiritual conscience and thus provides us a way to discharge our responsibilities to the various sections of the society. We are currently engaged is supporting Orphan Children in Sri Lanka and have an ambition to get 100 children that will get to spend their childhood under our care.


The foundation of a family business, and the basis on which our company has grown is an emphasis on Personalization, as well as strong ties to our clients, industry, and communities. We also strongly value personal involvement.

We embrace socially, environmentally, and ethically sound business practices, and wholly support the United Nations’ efforts to ensure Conflict Free diamonds in our industry. We are committed to best practice diamond trading principles,

  • Procuring all gemstones and diamonds only through legitimate sources that ensure a non-conflict region of origin.

  • Support of the international trade policy, the Kimberley Process System, which works closely with governmental organizations to eliminate illegally traded Diamonds.

  • Support the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, the guardian of ethics and integrity in the jewelry trade.

It is our ‘ mandatory policy to never purchase loose gemstones or jewelry containing gemstones which come from regions of the world where trading in such stones funds governments which engage in human rights violations, (“conflict stones”).

We strive to incorporate social responsibility into every aspect of our business conduct. We recognize our obligation to our planet and we will continue to improve our environmental policies.

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