• A Collection Rubies on a Pendant with Diamonds ozj43


      Elegant & stylish Pendant with a collection of Beautiful Rubies  and Diamonds.  A unique gift for her for anniversary and for that special moment. An eternal gif of love.

      Jewelry is a piece of art that makes you unique from others

    • Diamond and Gemstone Pendant ozj50


      28 Sapphires and 15 Diamonds adorn this lovely heart-shaped pendant. This handcrafted Diamond & Sapphire Pendant was created to make you feel Glamourous. This pendant features a Dazzling Golden Yellow Topaz as the focal point. Blue and yellow sapphires with mixed rubies make up the sapphires. This magnificent piece of jewelry is the perfect way to show your love and make her feel glamorous.

      Jewelry has the Power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique


    • Good luck & Fortune Talisman ozt51


      With this Blue Sapphire Gem Stone Talisman, you may protect yourself from negativity. The Talisman attracts positive energy while cleaning one’s environment of electro magnetic pollution and negative energies. Blue sapphire is thought to be a stone of mental focus and order, as well as a stone that brings positive energy into one’s life.

      A Wonderful Present for Him

      Wearing a Talisman is both fashionable and attractive for a man.

    • Navarathna & the Pearl Pendant ozj49


      A rare beautiful Peal with Gemstones crafted to a Pendant.  A Pendant of Charm and good luck fortunes as it studded with the nine stones to reflect the luck , fortune and control of the nine planets. Pearls & these nine luck stones will creates positive energy besides it is elegant and classic when worn.

      The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens

    • Necklace with Sapphires and Diamonds – chj39


      This exclusively Choker has been designed by our Master Craftsmen inspired by the Sapphire Pendant given to Lady Diana in 1981.  Handcrafted using only the Natural Royal Blue Color Ceylon Sapphires and AAA Grade Diamonds.  This is a luxurious necklace to bejeweled for a rich occasion and adore you with something very precious in your life.

      Jewelry is a treasure that lasts from one generation to another.”

    • Pearl & Ruby Pendant ozj48


      Elegantly Designed by our Master Craftsmen using a Natural Pearl and Ruby with a Diamond.  This an  ideal Gift for that special occasion with a rare pearl with precious Ruby and Diamond. 

      The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens

    • Pendant 9 Gemstones & Diamonds – chj35


      Our Master Craftsmen crafted this Gold Award Winning Pendant, which is now sold. This pendant won an award at the French Gem & Jewel Show ( IGJS – 2021) for creativity. Crafted with 9 Gem Stones and AAA Grade Diamonds. The Kulla ( Designed) is used for rice harvest collecting and represents the ability to generate good energy and luck. This is appropriate for someone who is unique and bold.

      ‘ It’s Ok to Be a Little Obsessed While Choosing jewelry.”


    • Pendant with Pink Sapphire Gemstone & Diamonds – chj37


      Handcrafted with diamonds in solid gold, this pink sapphire pendant will adorn you with beauty and elegance. Our Natural Pink Sapphire Pendant is perfect for romantic moments and memorable celebrations.

      Jewelry is a piece of art that makes you unique from others.

    • Pendant with Sapphires & Diamonds ozj47


      Glittering Pendant with Diverse Gemstones and Diamonds.  Handcrafted using the Finest handpicked natural gemstones from Ceylon.

      Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control.

    • Pink Sapphire & Diamond studded Pendant ozj28


      Dainty Pendant crafted with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds on solid gold. This was designed and handcrafted to adore you with charm with jewels. An incredible Gift for that special occasion specially a teenager. 

      Jewelry is a piece of art that makes you unique from others.

    • Ruby & Diamonds, Ring cum Pendant ozj40


      Elegant Pendant Cum Ring crafted with Rubies and Diamonds. This Creative piece of Jewelry was crafted by the extremely skilled Master Craftsmen with decades of experience in jewelry making. The design enables two types of Rings and Two Pendants within one piece of jewel as it is foldable and adjustable. Spend one and get four

      “Life isn’t perfect but your jewelry can be.”

    • Talisman for Lucky Charms & Protection


      An object worn because it is believed to protect against evil, disease, or unhappiness.

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