Gemstone Stand


Ornamental collection of 18 Gemstones Framed for Decoration of Home / Office and to bring Good Luck and Prosperity. All Real Gemstones and not Lab Grown

Availability: 50 in stock

Availability: 50 in stock

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This is an ideal Gift for a home or office or for a best friend as a decorative ornamental or to bring Astrological Benefits from Gemstones for prosperity and good health with healing against the negative planet according to your birth chart. 

There are 9 planets taken into consideration according to the  Vedic Astrology while calculating the Birth chart. These nine planets bring both pros and cons result in our life depending upon their placements in the birth chart. Hence, the 9 planets have their assigned  gemstones to dispel the negative influence of the planets. These gemstones are recommended for you for various reasons. Some people use it for the betterment in their life. While, some others use it for getting rid of the negative influence of the planets. Have them in your office or Home to reap the benefits of the Planet.

The gemstones include  a Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Zircon, Peridot, Garnet, Rubellite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Citrine. *

While the Gemstones are genuine the quality of the stones will vary as they are pick from an assortment.



Will be delivered Fully Insured by our trackable Courier and arrive in a beautifully Gift wrapped packaged Jewel Box specially designed for this purpose. You should get your delivery within 7 days of placing an orders and if your delivery address is in Sri Lanka will make efforts to Deliver the Same Day.


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