Ring with Garnet Gemstone NTO -12


Stunning Ring with a Garnet Gemstone.  A perfect design for a perfect Gentlemen.  Look Different


Unisex Ring with Garnet Gemstone

925 sterling silver

  • Made with  Genuine Gemstones ‘using 925 Sterling Silver
  • This Ring is Hand Crafted & Designed for Perfection
  • It comes with a High Polished Finish
  • We Provide Life Time Warranty on our Products
  • The Gemstones used are Garnet & Zircons
  • We Deliver our Products Worldwide 

We are an Authorized Jewel Company with License from the National Gem & Jewelry Authority.


Your Jewelry from Oz Gems is unique, brilliant and charming, just like YOU! To make sure it remains that way, you need to make sure it has a safe home. All you have to do is simply store these beautiful pieces in your Oz Gem or a Zip Lock Bag. Keep them safe and they'll always be by your side.


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